Water Management

Water is the quintessential resource – without it nothing is possible. Regardless if you crop, manage livestock or aquaculture it is the most fundamental and challenging farming resource to manage.

Water usage, distribution and storage can vary from farm to farm depending on the challenges faced. We are at a point in farming where knowing what you’ve got and what you’ve used is imperative to identifying problems such as loss or quality of water and general health of livestock and crops.

Putting the smart in water

Running a farm and understanding how and where your water goes is vital, especially given current environmental conditions. Smart farm technology can provide insights to understand, control and automate water usage. Data collected can also alert to water issues – such as leaks or how the quality of water is impacting your livestock and crops. No matter the size of your farm, technology can help in recognising trends and abnormalities allowing you to make informed decisions which can impact the health and profitability of your business.

mySmart Farm in action

Recently we assisted a Lobster Farmer who lost a major crop due to a change in water temperature, resulting from one of his pumps failing. We installed a series of cost-effective sensors to not only collect data on water temperature and flow but also alert him – via mobile texts – when abnormal fluctuations occur. He is now able to manage and identify potential issues before they become a major problem.

Given the incredible scope and importance of water management we have many more examples to share with you so do please speak with one of our mySmart Farm representatives.