Understanding who, where and when is accessing your property is becoming one of the key compliance factors for biosecurity. But there are other factors as to why farm security is important, such as theft and even identifying unwanted feral visitors.

Putting the smart in accessing your farm property

Smart farm technology can not only provide records on when a gate is opening and closing but can also determine whether an object is coming or going. Using this data in conjunction with image or number plate recognition can create a comprehensive profile of your ‘visitor’. Being able to confidently produce reports on who is accessing your farm is also valuable in accounting for food provenance.

mySmart Farm in action

At our mySmart Farm Silverdale 1 we’ve installed several smart DART* stations at key access points around the property. Our DARTs include number plate recognition camera, detection beams, solar panel and asset detection sensor (see our container doors for more information). We not only capture who is coming onto our property but whether they are coming or going and, of course, the time and date. This information is displayed on dashboards both in head office and the shed, in addition to alerts being sent to mobile phones.

DART : detect, analyse, recognise, transmit