Livestock Management

Looking up your bank balance on your mobile phone is a given in this day and age. Looking up the value and health of your livestock is not so easy.

Knowing the value of your livestock at any point in time still requires a ‘physical’ search through legacy systems and records. Most farming enterprises find it challenging to collect regular, consistent data to create a comprehensive profile of their livestock.

Agricultural industries have been tagged as one of the major benefactors of the IoT revolution. The way things are done will change dramatically in the years to come. The ability to automate aspects of farming and make informed decisions based on microenvironmental data will impact significantly on working practises.

Putting the smart into WOW

Smart Walk over Weighing involves automatically collecting the weight and identification of an animal as it passes through a collection point. Regular data weight patterns are created allowing you to identify trends by individual animal or herd. Deviations from these trends (e.g. weight loss) could indicate health issues and provide the opportunity for early intervention. Overlaying this information with ID and market prices can create a real time valuation of your herd allowing you to capitalise on market opportunities.

mySmart Farm in action

At our Silverdale 1 mySmart Farm our WOW collection points are part of our rotational grazing set up. This allows us to not only weigh our beasts but also overlay the data with our water consumption.

mySmart Farm’s Silverdale 1 property is currently conducting research and development on rotational grazing. The idea is to create collection points for livestock as they pass from one paddock to another. This allows us to collect valuable data on each animal, such as weight, but we can also obtain information on water usage and herd movement. We’re also able to control which paddock we like our animals to spend time in!