Biosecurity is a shared responsibility. There has been a massive increase in the volume of overseas visitors and cargo to Australia over the last decade.

With this increase comes increased exposure to pest and diseases not found in Australia. The revised Biosecurity Act introduces new legislation and compliance measures protecting our agricultural industries and ensuring we remain competitive. Increased compliance and administration will create additional work and costs, for example tracking who is entering and exiting your farm.

Putting the smart in visitors

Number Plate Recognition is not necessarily new technology – just think toll ways when visiting the city! However, with the development of telemetry, detecting, analysing, recognising and transmitting (DART) who is entering and exiting your property is now possible.

Putting the smart in identifying

Just like number plate recognition, image recognition provides an additional data layer to help identify ‘things’. Its application however is much broader. As machine learning and artificial intelligence grows, together with voice recognition, you can now ask your property’s database for example to show you pictures of three-year-old Heifers.

mySmart Farm in action

At our mySmart Farm Silverdale 1 we’ve installed several smart DART* stations at key access points around the property. Our DARTs include number plate recognition camera, detection beams, solar panel and asset detection sensor. We are now able to capture every vehicle with a number plate entering and leaving the property, data which we then overlay with other information to provide us with a concise picture of movement, which of course assists with both our security and biosecurity requirements.

Image recognition is one of our mySmart R&D teams favourite technology. The applications are endless, especially when overlayed with other data. Talk to one of our mySmart Farm Representatives for examples on how image recognition can assist with farm security, asset tracking, livestock profiling and biosecurity.

*DART : detect, analyse, recognise, transmit