Asset Management

Keeping accurate and consistent records can be challenging for any sized enterprise. It requires dedication and time, time you don’t often have. Generally, farms have a rough idea of when and where an asset was last used. Documenting the exact usage, location and time however is laborious and takes away from more pressing farm tasks.

Putting the smart in asset tracking

Smart asset tracking is the automation of data collection of all your farming practices. It allows you to track asset use even for assets that do not have supplier monitoring technology. As a result, a wealth of information is collected, building a definitive historical information bank detailing for example when a paddock has been aerated or seeded last, without having to rely on memory or employee recollection.

mySmart Farm in action

All our mySmart Farm machinery have asset tracking installed. Not only can we track when our implements leave the shed, but we can also determine which paddock they’ve been to and when – including how long for. This eliminates the need to physically document the movement of our machinery and frees up our mySmart Farm team’s time. Information, like all other mySmart Farm data, is stored and easily retrieved for overlay and analysis with other data sets allowing informed decisions to be made.