AgQuip 2018

Published on: 3/09/18

AgQuip. In short – it’s a big deal. In fact, it’s the largest field day in Australia and one of the biggest agricultural events in the world. With over 100,000 visitors and 3,000 agribusinesses on display at the 32-hectare purpose built site in Gunnedah, for 3 days in August every year farmers from across Australia venture out to see what the future of agriculture holds.

After months of hard work, 2018’s event saw mySmart Farm make our field day debut, redefining smart farming capabilities for all who visited our stand.

Historically, the two biggest barriers to farmers creating smart farm environments have been telemetry and the cost of off the shelf, proprietary products. Thanks to developments in technology within the last three years and mySmart Farm providing low cost, non-proprietary solutions, smart farming has become far more accessible to properties of all sizes, regardless of topography.

At the core of every mySmart Farm solution is the same concept –using IoT to collect data to help make informed decisions and automate farm practices. Across 8 interactive stations, mySmart Farm demonstrated solutions to overcome the abovementioned challenges in six universal areas – water management, asset management, biosecurity, security, livestock management and environment.

During AgQuip, the mySmart Farm team had many engaging conversations with farmers, vendors and agribusiness owners from all corners of the country, each facing unique problems and opportunities on their properties and in their farming practices.

Leaving the mySmart stand, for everyone who visited, Agtech wasn’t just a buzzword anymore – it was a tangible, accessible opportunity to change farming practice without barriers.

The countdown to AgQuip 2019 has already begun.